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Regency romance veteran Camp The Wedding Challenge launches the Willowmere series with this steamy romp. Four American orphans — practical eldest sister Marigold who prefers the much more sensible name Mary , shy Rose, knife-totin' Camellia, and silly Lily — land in London, hoping for support from their ultra-wealthy grandfather, the earl of Stewkesbury, who cast out their mother for marrying for love.

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Conveniently rescued from a mugger by proud and elegant Sir Royce Winslow, Mary is soon smitten by his bulging muscles and lustful kisses. Meanwhile, the sisters reluctantly enter the upper-class English milieu, encountering handsome bachelors, horrid villains, and Royce's conniving old flame, Lady Sabrina. Extended foreplay and explosive climaxes will entertain modern readers, but they may not find the lust a satisfactory substitute for old-fashioned elegance, which the story almost entirely lacks.

I will read the next one though because everyone is entitled to a not so good book now and then and Ms. Putney has long been one of my favorite authors. View 1 comment.

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover

Julia, a widow, is a country midwife, who had captured the interest of Alex Randall in the previous book - although he was reluctant to show any interest and gave her to believe he disliked her. But Julia has a dark past and is hiding from her late husband's father, who believea that she murdered her late husband who was Alex's cousin. In fact, he was an abusive bastard a 3. In fact, he was an abusive bastard and she killed him in self-defence, but she knew she'd never have been believed and ran. At the beginning of the story, she is discovered by two thugs hired by her ex-father-in-law and kidnapped; Alex rescues her and offers her marriage in order to protect her.

She's reluctant, but sees the sense in it and eventually agrees. Putney doesn't shy away from describing the horrors of Julia's first marriage, and her fears about intimacy and sex are well-grounded. I suspect her 'recovery' was probably quite fast, although I have absolutely no knowledge about how a woman who has been subjected to what Julia went through would have reacted or if she could ever have let another man touch her. But this is a romantic novel so one has to allow some degree of poetic license; and the author did a good job of giving the situation a degree of credibility and in showing Julia's struggles and both the forward and backwards steps that were taken in her relationship with Alex.

In fact, the part that felt least plausible to me came later in the book once Alex and Julia have discovered that she is, in fact, a great heiress and he begins to worry that she no longer needs him a fact which rather wounds his masculine pride. But then, she had given him little reason to think otherwise, especially given her initial insistence on there being a way out of the marriage if she wanted it at the end of a year.

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This isn't always an easy read, but it was an engaging story and I liked the characterisation of the two principals - Alex is kind and honourable, and Julia is no-nonsense. Simon Prebble is an excellent narrator. He differentiates character voices clearly and although one or two of his accents were a bit wobbly, overall, I enjoyed his performance. View all 6 comments.

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Mar 31, LaFleurBleue rated it it was ok Shelves: paperback , romance-histo. It was just ok, and frankly slightly boring. I had not read the previous instalment in the series in which Randall met Julia and not having insights on the future couple's first meeting is always an intense disappointment to me.

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Several times I almost felt like the author was trying to rub in that number 1 in the series should have been read before. The heroine had been through very difficult experience, with physical and mental abuse from her first husband, an accident perceived as murder, reject It was just ok, and frankly slightly boring. The heroine had been through very difficult experience, with physical and mental abuse from her first husband, an accident perceived as murder, reject from her father, an escape masqueraded as a suicide and then 10 years more or less working as a midwife in a small village.

She should have been interesting and touching. But at the same time and once again, she was so ladylike all the time never slipping from her pedestal of supreme perfection that she did not interest me that much. The hero also did not have much personality. He's supposed to always have been opposed to marriage before the starting of the book, I'm not really sure I understood why he changed his mind so quickly.

The plot could have been ok, except there are 2 huge coincidences in the story which rang absolutely fake and destroyed the credibility of the story in my eyes. And the last part turned too cheesy. If I could, I'd put 2. Jan 13, Tina rated it really liked it Shelves: zreads , romance-historical , audiobook.

I´ll Never Love Again

Pretty good. Mature hero and heroine both with a lot of sense. Solid reasons for getting married. Beliveable and multilayered romantic conflicts. Audiobook with Simon Prebble doing fantastic narration. Great way to pass a few hours. Jan 19, Elis Madison rated it liked it Shelves: bad-guys-galore , add-a-half-star , character-development , intrigue-is-good , part-of-series , he-loves-me-she-loves-me-not , adventure-and-danger , we-don-t-need-no-stinkin-logic , use-your-words , era-regency. I mean it was obvious, the way they instantly hated each other.

These two were meant to be.

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The book starts with Randall being summoned home by his not-so-doting uncle, the Earl of Daventry. This is the earl who tried to starve Randall to death some years ago. Seems the last of Daventry's sons are now dea If you read Loving A Lost Lord , you probably knew that it was inevitable there'd be a romance between Julia Bancroft, Mariah's friend, who is a midwife in Hartley, and Major Alexander Randall.

Seems the last of Daventry's sons are now dead, so it's up to Randall to come home, marry, and carry on the earldom.

Randall is hardly keen to do anything his uncle asks of him, but he's fed up with soldiering, so what the hey. Randall decides to head north to visit his pal Kirkland. Maybe he'll drop by Hartley on the way, so he can scowl some more at Julia. Unfortunately, he's not the only guy who wants to scowl at her. Three thugs arrive at her home first and drag her off in chains.

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Randall rushes after them, determined to save the day. Backstory: Julia has been hiding for the past few years after killing her husband. Well, sorta killing him, if pushing him away when he was trying to kill her counts. Aww shucks. To pile coincidence on top of coincidences, the creepy, rapey, liked-to-use-a-knife dead hubby just happens to be Branford the heir to the Daventry earldom, until he croaked.

In other words, he's Randall's cousin. Randall's solution to Julia's problem is genius. After being raped, beaten and carved on by her last hubby, Julia's not so keen on marriage. It takes a bit of persuasion for her to agree to a chaste union, and a LOT more persuasion for her to agree to an UNchaste one. The periodic attempts to kill Julia kept me from being too bored with the will-she-won't-she angst. Lots of logic flaws in this view spoiler [like the fact that we're told several times that Daventry isn't a killer, even though he did try to kill Randall, and even though, when Daventry's men came for Julia, she was so sure she wouldn't survive being taken to him that she wrote her will.

I still wonder why this marriage would stop Daventry if he were determined that Julia should die… hide spoiler ].

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Even despite the logic issues, this is a fair read. Apr 15, Shelby rated it it was amazing Shelves: bad-boys-to-steal-your-heart , violence , ravenclaw-mmp , scribd , doctors-nurses , hurt-comfort , kickass-heroine , m-f , royalty-nobility , strangers-to-lovers. Yep it's official I'm hooked on this series. So far I'm just loving these Lost Lords. Randall was a great character in the first novel as was Julia, I really enjoyed getting to read their story. Learning about Julia's secretive past was of course greatly anticipated and this didn't disappoint.

So after the mild antagonism between these two in the first book of course they were going to be the subjects of the second. I did just adore Randall as the knight in shinning armor though. He's such a gen Yep it's official I'm hooked on this series. He's such a gentleman and yet his military life has shaped him into a man of honor and integrity with a backbone of steel. He has such a wonderful need to help the damsel in distress.

For all that she's a damsel, and in distress, Julia to slightly mis-quote Disney's Hercules "She can handle it. She's learned plenty to become the competent midwife she is now thought to be.