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The new EP from atmospheric black metal masters Mesarthim finds them more triumphant and symphonic than ever. Interstellar metal explorers Mesarthim return with a harrowing track that showcases their symphonic side. The Hunt by Ulvesang.

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Folk music that reaches to the past, connecting to yesteryear while unearthing primordial magic. Dreaming in a Dead Language by Mo'ynoq. Getting swept up in the merciless undertow driving these all-consuming black-metal songs is half the fun. The other half is in the riffs.

An extensive compilation of metal, hardcore, punk, and folk songs benefitting reproductive justice non-profits around the world. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature "The Music of" tribute to French musical legends. Explore music. Purchasable with gift card. This is what prompted me to get out the albums I found on the Market, determined to not let them go to waste. I decided to try and cut into some of the photographs and make them into a series of work.

Forgotten past lives

They were forgotten albums that ended up on a market stall in Huddersfield and I want to try and bring the forgotten subjects of the photographs back to life. They were once loved images, cherished by the people who took them and those who were in the photographs. We don't know their stories, what their names were, what lives they lived. But we have a small snapshot into their lives many years ago.

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Photographs are a record that someone once lived a full life, and somehow the fate of these records have ended up in a strangers hands. I am working on to the original photographs. I want to stay true to every mark, smudge and tear and crease in what I see as a precious object. I want to turn them back into something cherished that celebrates the moments in the lives of these strangers, that were important enough for them to record in a photograph. Before I cut into them, I am scanning them to keep a permanent copy before they are altered, along with the original notes in the album.

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I want to show the originals alongside the altered versions. Eventually I would love to create an archive of the images.

The series has already expanded and alongside the original two albums I am now collecting images from other unknown families. They are generally dated in the 50's and the majority are of holidays and day trips with friends and her mother. MED was an artist herself and there are many of her with her art groups and attending exhibitions.

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I think the family were based in the Darlington area. This album started the series, after finding them on a Market stall in Huddersfield. Unknown dates.

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Small collection still attached to the album pages. They all came in a large red box. Many appear related to each other. There are notes only where there were some on the photograph as they were all loose. They seem to all be from one source, many have no information.

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Notes where they have any. Most were loos and not in albums. Forgotten Moments of Someone Else's Past. Big Red Box. No information on photograph. Red Biscuit Tin. Unknown Collection.