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Few perspectives epitomize the sheer drama and sacrifice of combat more perfectly than those of the fighter pilots of World War II. As romanticized as any soldier in history, the World War II fighter pilot was viewed as larger than life: a dashing soul waging war amongst the clouds.

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In the plus years since the Allied victory, stories of these pilots' heroics have never been in short supply. But what about their adversaries - the highly skilled German aviators who pushed the Allies to the very brink of defeat? The Last Stand of Fox Company is a fast-paced and gripping account of heroism and self-sacrifice in the face of impossible odds.

The authors have conducted dozens of firsthand interviews with the battle's survivors, and they narrate the story with the immediacy of such classic accounts of single battles as Guadalcanal Diary, Pork Chop Hill, and Black Hawk Down. Decades later, author Matthew A.

Rozell tracks down over 30 survivors who fought the war in the Pacific, from Pearl Harbor to the surrender at Tokyo Bay. The book resurrects firsthand accounts of combat and brotherhood, of captivity and redemption, and the aftermath of a war. Here, in his own words, is the true story of America's wildest flying hero, of his extraordinary heroism, and of his greatest battle of all-the fight to survive. The legendary Marine Corps officer and his bunch of misfits, outcasts, and daredevils gave a new definition to "hell-raising" - on the ground and in the skies.

Of all the celebrities who served their country during World War II - and they were legion - Jimmy Stewart was unique. On December 7, when the attack on Pearl Harbor woke so many others to the reality of war, Stewart was already in uniform - as a private on guard duty south of San Francisco at the Army Air Corps Moffet Field.

Seeing war on the horizon, Jimmy Stewart, at the height of his fame after Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and his Oscar-winning turn in The Philadelphia Story in , had enlisted several months earlier. Jimmy Stewart: Bomber Pilot chronicles his long journey to become a bomber pilot in combat. Author Starr Smith, the intelligence officer assigned to the movie star, recounts how Stewart's first battles were with the Air Corps high command, who insisted on keeping the naturally talented pilot out of harm's way as an instructor pilot for B Flying Fortresses and B Liberators.

By , however, Stewart managed to get assigned to a Liberator squadron that was deploying to England to join the mighty Eighth Air Force.

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After a progression of lesser western films in the late s and early s, Stewart transitioned from cinema to television. It was poorly received and Stewart was secretly upset that his wife Gloria was not granted the role of his wife on the show. He disliked the immense amount of work needed to film the show each week; it seemed to him that he was filming one short film per week. He was relieved when it was canceled after one season. Stewart returned to films after an absence of five years with a major supporting role in John Wayne's final film, The Shootist where Stewart played a doctor giving Wayne's gunfighter a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Harry Haun of New York Daily News wrote it was "really sad to see James Stewart struggle so earnestly with materal that just isn't there. In the s and '90s, he did voiceover work for commercials for Campbell's Soups. Fonda assumed the role instead and won the Academy Award for Best Actor; Stewart was reportedly nothing but happy for him.

Krueger's Christmas , which allowed him to fulfill a lifelong dream to conduct the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. John Corry from the New York Times wrote that it was nothing better than a home movie and called it a "sentimental curio". Frank Torrez from the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner on the other hand said it was a "fine opportunity to watch [Stewart's] artistry. Stewart made frequent visits to the Reagan White House and traveled on the lecture circuit. He had crashed the party and became inebriated, leaving a poor impression of himself with Hatrick.

A year later, Gary Cooper and his wife Veronica invited Hatrick and Stewart to a dinner party, hoping that Hatrick would end Stewart's bachelor life. Having conversed, Hatrick and Stewart realized they had a lot in common and began dating.

Jimmy Stewart: Bomber Pilot

Consequently, Stewart was a strict disciplinarian and an involved parent. A notably unique pet in the household during his daughter's teenage years was a galago named Davey, bought while on a trip to Africa. Having married in his forties, Stewart had a series of relationships with leading actresses prior to his marriage. Hurt by Stewart's rejection, she barely mentioned him in her memoir and waved him off as a one-time affair. They began a romantic relationship and Shore regularly met him at his base so they could spend nights in hotels together.

They were nearly married in Las Vegas, but Stewart called off the marriage before they arrived, citing cold feet. Though gossip columnists made claims that they were planning to marry, Dell stated that was not true, because he was still in love with Margaret Sullavan. Griffith , Sullavan "made [him] a star". Stewart's fifty-year friendship with Henry Fonda began in Manhanttan when Fonda invited Stewart to be his third roommate in order to make rent. In addition to Stewart's lucrative film career, he had diversified investments including real estate, oil wells, a charter-plane company and membership on major corporate boards, and he became a multimillionaire.

Jimmy Stewart, bomber pilot / Starr Smith ; foreword by Walter Cronkite

Stewart Good Citizenship Award" has been presented since May 17, By the end of this reading, Carson's eyes were welling with tears. Stewart was also an avid gardener. He purchased the house next door to his Beverly Hills home, had it razed, and installed his garden on the lot.

Stewart preferred to lead a private life. He was known as a loner who did not have intimate relationships with very many people. However, Stewart did not intend to keep secrets from the public, but rather preferred to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself. Campaigning in between filming, whenever he had extra time, biographer Marc Eliot said Stewart erred on the obsessive prior to the election.

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In , Stewart made an impassioned plea in Congressional hearings, along with, among many others, Burt Lancaster , Katharine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, and film director Martin Scorsese , against Ted Turner 's decision to ' colorize ' classic black and white films, including It's a Wonderful Life. Stewart stated, "the coloring of black-and-white films is wrong. It's morally and artistically wrong and these profiteers should leave our film industry alone". When director Frank Capra was investigated by the committee, Stewart refused to publicly defend him, because he did not want to get involved.

This caused a rift with Stewart's staunchly liberal best friend and fellow actor Henry Fonda as Fonda worked with other actors to expose the unfair tactics of HUAC. We just didn't talk about certain things. Dinner-table conversations sometimes erupted with yelling and shouting. Raised in the Presbyterian church by his deeply religious father, Stewart was a devout Presbyterian and regularly attended church much of his life. At Stewart's stepson Ronald's funeral, there was a miscommunication with the organist about the starting time and the funeral was conducted without music.

Stewart was furious and attended a different church congregation for several months to voice his displeasure.

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Stewart stated that his biggest failure in life was his inability to get his family to attend church. Stewart's wife Gloria was diagnosed with lung cancer in fall She died on February 16, Stewart shut out most people from his life, not only media and fans but also his co-stars and friends.

James Stewart was hospitalized after falling in December In February , he was hospitalized for an irregular heartbeat. Surrounded by his children on July 2, , Stewart died of a heart attack at the age of 89 [] at his home in Beverly Hills, California, with his final words to his family being, "I'm going to be with Gloria now.

The service included full military honors and a twenty-one gun salute. He was natural and at ease in front of the camera, despite the fact that he was shy off-screen. He asserted that there wasn't anything natural about standing on a sound stage in front of lights and cameras while acting out a scene alone. Film critic Geoffrey O'Brien related that Stewart's "stammering pauses" created anxious space for the audience, leaving them in anticipation for the scene which Stewart took his time leading up to.

Jack Lemmon suggested that Stewart's talent for performing with women was that he was able to allow the audience to see the women through his eyes, seeing his respect and gentility. He showed that his characters needed them as much as their characters needed him. He portrayed this persona most strongly in the s but represented a classic everyman throughout his career. Unlike many actors who developed their on-screen persona over time, Stewart's on-screen persona was recognizable as early as Art Trouble , Stewart's uncredited, first film role, where Stewart was relaxed and comfortable on-screen.

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He said, "But I always tried, and if the script wasn't too good, well, then, I just tried a little bit harder. I hope, though, not so hard that it shows. He could not turn it off immediately after the director yelled cut. Stewart was well known for his powerful emotional performances that could captivate audiences; however, Stewart had a tendency to handle some of his performances too clumsily or informally.

The scene in The Shop Around the Corner in which Novak reads a letter out loud from her mystery correspondent and Kralik realized he wrote the letter was called by Andrew Sarris, "one of the most memorable occurrences in the history of cinema". Stewart's acting style has been compared to that of Gary Cooper and Tom Hanks.

He played many different types of characters, including manipulative, cynical, obsessive, or crazy characters.

Brig. Gen. James M. Stewart

However, Stewart played more flawed characters in his later career, most notably in his Hitchcock films. Stewart's film career spanned over 55 years, from to He topped the list in He is the most represented leading actor on the Greatest Movies of All Time list presented by Entertainment Weekly. Stewart's legacy extends to the United States military, where he interrupted his successful film career to serve in the United States Army at a time when many actors in Hollywood were actively trying to avoid service. Stewart and Robert DeNiro share the title for the most films represented on the list.

He was a role model and inspiration. Stewart has also impacted popular culture. In the song, "Here's Lookin' at You" by hardcore punk band Every Time I Die , Stewart is referenced in the line "Jimmy Stewart suicidal sex appeal", referenced along with several other movie stars of the Golden era of Hollywood. On February 8, Stewart was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at Vine Street for his contribution to the film industry.

Stewart Theater along with a retrospective of Stewart's work. James Stewart was the recipient of many official accolades throughout his life, receiving film industry awards; military and civilian medals; honorary degrees; and memorials and tributes for his contribution to the performing arts, humanitarianism, and military service. DeMille Award in , an award intended to honor "outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment".

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  • From the beginning of James Stewart's film career in , through his final theatrical project in , he appeared in more than films, television programs, and shorts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American actor. Indiana, Pennsylvania , U. Beverly Hills, California , U. Gloria Hatrick McLean m.