How to Improvise

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Confidence is a tricky thing. The trick is tempering confidence with humility and kindness.

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When is comes to improvising, especially with others, confidence is vital. You have to mean what you play and play what you mean.

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As a beginner that can be challenging. Some believe that it will ruin the spontaneity.

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  • 1. Jam, jam and... jam some more.

Learn what the chords mean, listen to different versions of the song, transcribe your favorite parts, and work hard. The better you know the tune the more flexible you can be. If you are really struggling, try writing down some ideas and memorizing them.

Practice leads to confidence and you have to practice improvising. Listening while you improvise can help you come up with ideas too.

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Background lines? You just have to come up with something. Pick people to play with who believe that too. You are not going to try to fail — so remember that intent is more important that success. Be Brave Go for it. You literally have nothing to lose. Imagine the worst case scenario — getting lost?

How to Improvise on Guitar Like the Greats

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Improvising Guitar Solos For Complete Beginners

How To Improvise. An approach to practicing improvisation. Autor: Crook, Hal.

How to be a better improviser

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