Climate Change and Water Resources

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If global temperatures continue to rise, rainfall will increasingly become a beast of extremes: long dry spells here, dangerous floods there — and in some places, intense water shortages. Although a shortage of clean drinking water is the most immediate threat to human health, water scarcity can have far-reaching consequences. As a way of exploring the future risk of water shortage in a complex environment, Gorelick and his colleagues have made a case study of Jordan, one of the most water-poor nations in the world.

Rainfall declines induced by climate change are expected to be compounded by historically limited water resources and ballooning population growth punctuated by influxes of refugees.

The results showed that, barring significant reductions in global greenhouse gas emission rates, rainfall in Jordan will decline by 30 percent and the occurrence of drought will triple by Even under this optimistic scenario, Jordan is likely to experience more frequent and longer droughts of moderate severity by The group also accounted for conflict and policy scenarios and for factors ranging from corruption to the amount of water needed to preserve the environment.

From that the group has been able to highlight the complex web of issues contributing to water scarcity in a warming world, both in Jordan and far beyond. As the globe warms, mosquitoes will roam beyond their current habitats, shifting the burden of diseases like malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya and West Nile virus. Researchers forecast different scenarios depending on the extent of climate change. As more of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere, leading to climate change, crops might carry fewer nutrients, like zinc and iron. Stanford researchers explored this trend and regions most likely to be hurt by it.

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The damage we do to the world around us is eventually visited upon us in the form of hunger, mental health, thirst, disease and other health issues. Here we explore a few of those health consequences.

The effects of climate change on water shortages

In warmer temperatures suicide rates increase, leading to concerns about an uptick in suicides as the globe continues to warm. Furthermore, the decrease in the production of winter crops has created the extreme food deficit in various food store areas of Nepal. And, this has ultimately affected the biodiversity, tourism, and eventually our Gross Domestic Product. The anticipated changes in hydrological cycle and the depletion of water resources are some of the top environmental challenges Nepal is going to face due to climate change.

Taking this in concern, Water resources and Hydropower sector is kept amongst the highest priority in the NAPA document as well as various measures to cope with its impacts are outlined in the Climate Change Policy Furthermore, a number of desertification specific responses are outlined in the national reports like integrated watershed management, community based soil and water management technologies are measures for climate adaptation risks.

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However, the number of communities who are in the grip of severe water scarcity is increasing day by day. Hence, demanding an urgent action to conserve the available water resources and promote the community-friendly water adaptation technologies. Climate change simply disrupts the natural hydrological cycle which impacts the water availability and hence our living.

Increased demand for water caused by population growth, economic and technological interventions, and changes in watershed characteristics are some facts to be taken into consideration to act against the impacts of climate change. The male and female population in Salyantar is and respectively CBS, Surrounded by fascinating mountains, the village lies in Budhi Gandaki basin and is bounded by four rivers viz.

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The Haping Khola, which was the major source of drinking and irrigation water few years back is in the stage of drying at present hence affecting the livelihood of the whole village. One of the reasons behind this drought is climate change. The villagers have perceived the increase in temperature and decrease in precipitation which is a general pattern for Nepal excluding few places.

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In case of Salyantar, the hydro-meteorological data analysis also showed that the maximum temperature was increasing at the rate of 0. Also, the maximum contributor of rainfall, monsoon season also faced the decreasing precipitation trend which exaggerated the water scarcity problem in Salyantar.

Integrating climate change in water resources monitoring

Similarly, monthly flow discharge of Haping River, which was the major source of water both drinking and irrigation was found quite low and water level in source was also decreasing. The moisture content in soil sample was found less at present and compared to past 30 years, it was decreasing in each decades with increasing soil temperature. Number of Aahals as well as large livestock especially buffaloes were decreasing in a very high fraction.

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As most of the people depend upon agriculture, it affected them severely. Subscribe below to receive the newsletter via email. Our efforts to address climate change focus on: Raising awareness about the connection between water and energy use. Compiling resources for water management practitioners who need to incorporate climate considerations into their plans and projects. Funding climate monitoring and research.

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